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Gay Harem Online Game

Gay Harem is a Meta Game like Stray Sheep Poker and Worms where players are grouped based on their sexuality. In this game each player is given a character and they are free to move, interact and develop relationships with everyone else in the game. The basic goal is for you to get to the end of the game as the “queer” character (that’s you). There are many other factors in the game, which can include “gay dating” scenarios, money, powers, romance, skills, clothing, etc.

In Gay Harem, there are two main characters: Jack and AJ

Jack is a straight man who works in an office. He loves his job but yearns for more passion and adventure. When he meets AJ, he falls in love with her immediately. AJ is attracted to him because of his straight way of life, so when he decides to pursue her, she agrees to go on a trip together to help him celebrate. But things don’t go well there as their romance is marred by their mutual attraction to each other.

In order to progress in the game, both characters have to advance on their journey to having more intense sex. If they fail, however, they will get a bad ending. Thus, Gay Harem video game includes interactions like having sex in a hotel room, having sex while traveling in a car, having sex in another person’s home, etc.

In this game there are many other side quests apart from the two main ones

These side quests are mythic in nature and help the player learn more about AJ and Jack. Some of these are a spin on traditional mythological quests that often revolve around sex. For instance, one side quest involves having to sleep with a dragon in order to level up, while another has you going to an ancient Greece stadium and having to seduce the statues of your Greek gods in order to get your skill points for leveling up quickly.

Gay Harem video game is definitely the gay game of 2021!

So, if you have been looking for a fun gay video game with Gay Harem themes, look no further than this one. Not only is it a game with great graphics, it is one that you will want to stop and play again. If you are looking for a new experience, this is it.

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